Frequently Asked Questions

• Adventure Island (A.I) is the obstacle course.
• When booking a session for adventure island, Grey = unavailable, scroll down until you see a “blue” aka bookable session
• The max weight of the rescue life raft in the event of an emergency is 255 lbs.
• It is mandatory that each person wears a life vest after watching the 3-minute safety video, prior to going out on Adventure Island.
• Buy tickets in advance on your phone to skip the lines
• Please stay off the yellow barrier for your protection.
• No alcohol or smoking on beach

Q. Do campers need to purchase a beach pass?
A. No. The beach, playground and jumping pillow are all free to campers.

Q. Where are the bathrooms?
A. The bathrooms are on the back side of Ember Lodge by the lockers, to the left of the food window.

Q. Where do you put the promo code?
A. The promo code will be put in at the end during checkout when you are viewing what is in your cart.

Q. Do I have to sign another waiver?
A. Every time you book a session for Adventure Island you have to fill out the waiver. Our system does not save previous waiver information.

Q. Can I split up the double session?
A. No. The Ultimate Competitor is back to back sessions that cannot be split up.

Q. Do I (parent) have to go on the obstacle course with my kids?
A. You do not have to go on to supervise your child. There are Attendants that are CPR certified on Adventure Island that are out there to keep everyone safe. We do encourage adults to go out on Adventure Island to have fun.

Q. How do you sign the waiver?
A. To sign the waiver you have to press the mouse pad with one finger and sign with the other. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Q. Do we need a party code?
A. A party code is not needed.

Q. Do we have to wear a lifejacket?
A. You do not have to wear a lifejacket on the beach but it is required for Adventure Island. The lifejackets we provide are only for A.I. use only and cannot be used on the beach. You have to use one of our provided lifejackets for A.I.

Q. When does the beach close?
A. Monday-Thursday the beach is open from 9am-7pm and Friday-Sunday from 9am-8pm.

Q. How often is the water quality checked?
A. The water quality is checked daily. The lake has a pump house and six aeration pumps that are constantly filtering the water.

Q. Do you sell season passes for the beach or the Adventure Island?
A. No, we do not sell season passes for the beach or Adventure Island.

Q. Is the food I buy here allowed on the beach?
A. The food you buy at Beachside Eats and Treats is allowed at the beach. Outside food and beverage other than water is not allowed. If you rent a cabana you are able to have a cooler.

Q. Can we bring in a flotation device or umbrella?
A. Yes, only single person flotation devices and umbrellas are allowed

Q. Can we bring our own chair?
A. You can bring your own chairs but we do have beach furniture. The chairs are not permitted to be completely under the water. They have to be visible.

Q. How do I rent a cabana?
A. Cabanas are for rent in person onsite and are available for full day (9am-7/8pm) or half day (9am-2pm or 2pm-7/8pm) rent. Monday-Thursday $89, Friday $120, Saturday/Holiday $135, and Sunday $120. (These are all the full day prices. Half day would be half of the full day price).

Q. How will I get my receipt?
A. A copy of your receipt will always be emailed to the email you sign up with

Q. Am I able to change my session time?
A. We do not change session time changes or give refunds, other than the exception of lightning during your session time.

Q. Is Bear Paw Beach open in September?
A. Currently, we do have Adventure Island sessions open each weekend in September.

Q. Are we able to fish in the lake?
A. There are fish in the lake but fishing is not allowed. There are ponds on the campground specifically for fishing.